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suman 6 years ago
can I fuck u?
Swede 6 years ago
Henry, hope u write from inside a jail. She is wonderful and I respect her performance. On you Henry, I hope she shits one day...
to swede 6 years ago
She obviously doesn't like it that is so ugly a good girl will Drink your posts and be happy she only makes it for the money and not the piss.
sickperv 6 years ago
she is fucking gorgeous, if I was rich I would buy her and use her as m piss slave until she turned 23, then I would get rid of her for a fresh one.
Henry 6 years ago
she is fucking gross, if I was rich I could buy me a much better hooker than her as m poo wiper until she turned cold, then I would bury her corpse somewhere in the mountains.